Terms & Conditions Lounge Voucher

  1. Subject

Holding an active Miles & More credit card (hereinafter SWISS Miles & More credit card) of the types listed in paragraph 2, issued by Credit Suisse AG in cooperation with Swiss International Air Lines AG (hereinafter referred to as «SWISS») authorises the respective principal cardholder (hereinafter referred to as the «Cardholder») to obtain certain services provided by third parties.

One of these services currently being offered to Cardholders, subject to the following conditions of SWISS, is the opportunity to obtain SWISS lounge vouchers for access to a SWISS Business Class Lounge at selected airports.

  1. Entitled Clients

Holders of the following active cards are entitled to obtain a SWISS lounge voucher:
a) SWISS Miles & More American Express® (Of the card duo SWISS Miles & More Classic Plus)
b) SWISS Miles & More American Express® Gold (Of the card duo SWISS Miles & More Gold Plus)
c) SWISS Miles & More American Express® Platinum
d) Miles & More American Express® Milemaker
e) Miles & More American Express® Milemaker Gold
f) Miles & More American Express® Platinum
Credit Suisse AG may modify these entitlements at any time, without prior notice. The lounge vouchers may not be sold or traded by Cardholders, but may be given as gifts to persons accompanying them.

  1. Access to Business Lounges

A lounge voucher entitles the holder to one entry to a SWISS Business Class Lounge. At present, this is possible at the following airports: Zurich (ZRH), Geneva (GVA), Basel (BSL), New York (JFK) and Chicago (ORD). The current list can be viewed at any time at www.miles-and-more-cards.ch. Lounge vouchers can only be redeemed in conjunction with a Star Alliance flight. In order to do so, the Cardholder must present a valid and appropriate Boarding Pass and the lounge voucher. It is possible to obtain a lounge voucher regardless of the price of the flight ticket, the class of air travel reserved, the destination and the travel time.

  1. Prices and Numbers of Lounge Vouchers

The current prices for a lounge voucher are available on the internet at www.miles-and-more-cards.ch and are displayed during the ordering process (including VAT and any additional costs such as shipping and handling charges). Cardholders may obtain a maximum of five (5) lounge vouchers per calendar year and per qualifying SWISS Miles & More credit card in accordance with paragraph 2.

  1. Purchase, Payment and Dispatch

Lounge vouchers can only be ordered online. A link on the homepage (www.miles-and-more-cards.ch) takes clients to the order page. The order is processed by a third party in the name and on behalf of Swisscard AECS AG as the representative of Credit Suisse (hereinafter referred to as the «Third-Party Provider»). The client receives the lounge voucher from the Third-Party Provider by post, at an address specified by the client. Vouchers are only sent within Europe (countries in Europe as defined by Swiss Post). Payment for the lounge voucher must be made with a qualifying SWISS Miles & More credit card in accordance with paragraph 2.

  1. Period of Validity

The lounge voucher is given a validity date when it is issued. This validity date is twelve (12) months after the date when the Voucher was ordered. The lounge voucher is valid until this date. lounge vouchers cannot be extended. Expired lounge vouchers are invalid.

  1. Loss and Reimbursement

Unredeemed lounge vouchers or those reported as lost shall not be reimbursed or replaced in any form by the Third-Party Provider or by SWISS. SWISS has the right to grant access to a Lounge to the holder of a lounge voucher with the effect of discharging its obligation.

  1. Communication and Customer Assistance

Questions and complaints about ordering, paying for and receiving a lounge voucher by post are processed by the Third-Party Provider, whose contact data are shown on the order page. Information about the lounge vouchers is available on the internet at www.miles-andmore- cards.ch.

Questions and complaints about redeeming and using lounge vouchers are processed by SWISS as the operator of SWISS Business Lounges.

  1. Data Exchange (including Banking Secrecy)

The Cardholder acknowledges and recognises that SWISS, Credit Suisse AG (including Swisscard AECS AG as the company assigned to process the cards by Credit Suisse AG) andbother persons and entities involved in the promotion of the lounge vouchers, the ordering process and the reporting of sold and redeemed lounge vouchers) can and must exchange data relating to the Cardholder among themselves. In this regard, the Cardholder releases each party from data protection and additionally releases Credit Suisse AG and/or Swisscard AECS AG from banking secrecy.

  1. Amendment Clause

The issuer of the lounge vouchers reserves the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice. The current Terms & Conditions are published on the internet at www.miles-and-more-cards.ch.

  1. Further Provisions (Including Applicable Law and Place of Jurisdiction)

The contractual relationship under these Terms & Conditions is subject to Swiss law, to the exclusion of conflict-of-laws provisions.

The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all legal proceedings and the place of performance and enforcement for clients not resident in Switzerland is Zurich. However, the issuer of the lounge vouchers may assert its rights before any other competent authorities. The foregoing is without prejudice to the binding provisions of Swiss law.

Boost Loyalty AG has been assigned by Credit Suisse AG and SWISS to deal with ordering, payment and shipping of lounge vouchers.