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Who can order lounge vouchers and how do I use the lounge voucher?

As the holder of a SWISS Miles & More American Express credit card you can benefit from this exclusive offer. You will receive entry to the SWISS business class lounges by showing your lounge voucher together with a Star Alliance Boarding Pass.

What does a lounge voucher cost?

A SWISS business class lounge voucher is just CHF 35 incl. post age and pack aging and is an exclusive offer for SWISS Miles & More American Express card holders.

How are lounge vouchers settled?

The purchase price will be charged directly to your SWISS Miles & More American Express credit card. You can enter all the necessary information in the order form.

How many vouchers can you order?

You can order up to 5 SWISS business class lounge vouchers with your credit card.

Where and how quickly will the delivery occur?

Vouchers are delivered exclusively with in Europe. The delivery period is a maximum of 7 working days to addresses in Switzerland and 14 working days to addresses in Europe.

How do I receive lounge vouchers?

You will receive lounge vouchers by post at the delivery address entered on the order form.

How long are the vouchers valid?

The lounge vouchers are valid for 12 months after the order date. So if you order the lounge vouchers in August 2008 for example, you can redeem your vouchers together with a Star Alliance Boarding Pass until August 2009. The validity date is visible on the lounge voucher. Pleasebe aware that the validity of the lounge vouchers cannot be extended and expired vouchers lose their validity.

Can I give the vouchers back? And will the purchase price be reimbursed to my Miles & More credit card?

Unfortunately we cannot take back any lounge vouchers and reimburse the purchase price.

Will lost vouchers be replaced?

Unfortunately we cannot replace lost lounge vouchers.

Which lounges do I have access to?

The following SWISS business class lounges:

  • Zurich (ZRH)
  • Geneva (GVA)
  • New York (JFK)
  • Chicago (ORD)

Is my confidential information secure?

If we ask you to send confidential information-including personal card details - over the Internet, a "secure connection" will first be set up via SSL, which ensures secure transfer of data.

What exactly is SSL?

With the help of cryptographic procedures, this technology ensures that data is not manipulated or read during transfer. In addition with the help of SSL it can be recognised whether a secured website has been forged. SSL issupported by all current browsers. You can easily see if SSL is being used, because an "s" is added to the http of the webaddress. Such "https" addresses will then be automatically checked by your browser.


You can find the extensive regulations on buying SWISS lounge vouchers here.